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Dealing with Pet Loss

Our aim is to help you to cope with the loss of your loved pet with the help of Animal Cremation Services in Glendale, Arizona. It is as normal to grieve over the loss of a pet as it is to grieve over the loss of a human companion. Many people experience anger and confusion in addition to sorrow, often due to the false belief that if they had done something more, better, or different their pet would have survived.

It is important to recognize all of these feelings as valid during the grieving process. It is our hope that the following will be of some comfort to you and your family in a most difficult time.

Dealing with Pet Loss
By: Kathy Nelson

Let your needs be known to someone you trust:

"I need to talk about the loss of my pet."

"I need to remember and share about my pet."

"I need to take a mini-vacation away from home, for a day or a weekend."

"I need to, or I need a friend to remove my pet's belongings."

"I need to understand that other members of my family and other pets in the household are also hurting."

"I need to know that if a veterinary staff was involved, that they feel a loss."

"I need to realize that life, although limited, is precious."

I want to give, in memory of my pet:

... of my time,

... my financial help to pet organizations,

... to the next person that experiences pet loss,

... by donating a book about pets or animals to the children's library, to the

next generation of pet owners,

... by having a painting made of my pet from a picture,

I feel the loss:

It is okay for me to say goodbye, to feel goodbye.

I will write down my feelings.

I will go to a Zoo, to a Pet Shop, to a Dog or Cat Show, so that I begin to feel joy and happiness about animals again.

I will be thankful for the memories I have been privileged to cherish.

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